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The Power of the Planets: How they Control Our Reality

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Happy Solstice! This is a very powerful and serious event that we're all going through and living right about... NOW... whether you are conscious of it or not, in an Astronomical, Astrological, Physical and Spiritual way.

My Mayan teacher reminded me that in 2003 there was a huge gathering of elders of different tribes that came together in the great pyramids in Mexico for ceremony and prophecy anticipating the coming times. 9 years later the big shift of the famous portal of December 21st 2012 happened (misunderstood and ridiculed by mainstream media as the end of the world). Despite that, no one can deny the powerful changing energies of that time, many of us were impacted heavily (myself included for the better) but some it seems were left unimpressed...

And here we are finally... at the completion process of these prophecies of change, the closing of this window of events. No one seems to be left out this time. The December 21st 2012 date was the middle point of a window and now we are crossing over. This great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on this Solstice of Dec 21st 2020 marks the final shift, you can feel it. Everyone can feel it. We are shifting dimensions, or at least, we are given the possibility to do so. We have another powerful magical year of transformation ahead of us to adjust but now is the time to set intentions.

This year has been a heavy one for most people, particularly for those that didn't prepare for or anticipate these changes. But we've had plenty of warnings, and many more years to prepare. Despite the challenges that many experienced this year, one must acknowledge that this year the planets of the universe made sure that everyone would go within. We are all forced to stay home and face ourselves. No more distractions. The universe is asking us to look within. Face your shadows. No you're not supposed to binge-watch Netflix...or watch the news all day long, you're supposed to go within! Face your shadows, your insecurities and your fears! Contemplate your life purpose. Connect with Spirit.

From the Mayan perspective, Saturn is coming to help us "Clean the garbage"... get rid of all negativity, all the darkness, all the shit that has been holding us back so that we can go forward clean.

And expansive Jupiter is bringing us a gift, it is bringing us the light of the Christ within. We are given the possibility to awaken our inner Christ.

These are times of contemplation, ceremony, meditation and prayer.

I hope that you get the message.


Xaman Monk

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