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What will I feel during an Akashic Records session?

The sessions are very laid back and have a very relaxed loving atmosphere. They are relaxing and rejuvenating as you bathe in your own Akashic Energy. You're connected to your divine essence, so just by being in your Akashic energy you will be healing in different ways. We will be in a very calm, intimate and sacred space, often clients report feeling like time doesn't exist while we're in the Akashic Field and I agree. It might feel like being in a dynamic small group conversation with your wise Elders, Ancestors and Masters around a warm sacred fire talking with you about your Soul's journey in this life and past lives.

How long does each reading session take?

Each session is different but in general a session doesn't take more than 1 hour max. The most important is for you to have a set of questions that you want answered. Sometimes after your questions are answered you will feel complete, other times other questions will arise transforming the session into a dynamic consultation.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes this is the most preferred method for clients as the Phone sessions (or Audio by Zoom or Skype) allows for an interactive consultation while feeling comfortable in your space without the visual distractions.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

First we either meet by phone or zoom video, I then ask for your permission to open your records. I say a sacred prayer that opens us up for consultation so we can work together. Then I ask you for your questions which I relay to the Lords of Akasha, and they send me the answers back in auditory words but sometimes in forms of Imagerie or senses which I relay back to you to expand on. At this point I act as an intermediary or translator between you and the Lords of Akasha. It's a dynamic conversation.

How does the e-mail consultation work?

For the email consultation, you basically send me 3 to 5 questions and I then open the records in my own time separate from you. I will however let you know when this will occur so that you can be present and still in your own space and time but this will not be a dynamic consultation as you won't be present. This means that you won't be able to ask more question should any more questions arise from some answers. Unless you book another session. I may however send you a copy of the audio recording of me and the Lords of Akasha and a detailed email report with all the information, insights and details. A lot of clients like to do this type of session at first and then proceed with phone or video sessions later on.

How exactly does a session look like? Can you tell me a bit more?

The way this works basically, with a sacred prayer and preparation I connect to the frequency of the Akashic Field and from there, with your permission, the Lords of Akasha call forth your own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (they’re a group that is very personal to everyone, deeply connected to your soul lineage). 

Once they come through they may have messages for you and you can ask them anything at all that you want to know deeper about you; your life, your passions, your potentials, what's holding you back in certain fields, past events, past lives, reincarnations, health, reoccurring patterns, traumas and sometimes they allow potential future timelines but not always…they often prefer to give you the tools and knowledge to empower you to create your best potential future.

The way this works is you prepare a few questions that you would like to dive deeper into and during our session, I work as a channel or an interpreter between you and them.

It’s dynamic so you can ask questions as they come just like we were having a group conversation with very wise and loving souls.

They answer your questions and give you guidance, I sometimes see and receive images which I relay back to you as well and sometimes you may also receive the images and insights directly by being sensitive to being in your own Akashic Records.

They’re deeply connected to your soul and want to see you thrive and accomplish your missions and since they have an eagle-like vision of your whole life, past lives and soul purpose they can really help you understand and see the blind spots that perhaps we can’t always see with our current consciousness.

I hope this helps and answers some questions,

to learn more feel free to browse through my website and don’t hesitate to ask me or book a session!

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