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What will I feel during an Akashic Records session?

The sessions are very laid back and have a very relaxed loving atmosphere. They are relaxing and rejuvenating as you bathe in your own Akashic Energy. You're invited to close your eyes and take deep breaths as we connect to your divine essence, so just by being in your Akashic energy you will be healing in different ways. We will be in a very calm, intimate and sacred space, often clients report feeling like time doesn't exist while we're in the Akashic Field and I agree. It might feel like being in a dynamic small group conversation with your wise Elders, Ancestors and Masters around a warm sacred fire talking with you about your Soul's journey in this life and past lives. We simply sit with our eyes closed in a meditative state and begin a conversation with the Akashic Records.

How long does a session take?

Each session is different but in general a session doesn't take more than 1 hour. The most important is for you to have a set of questions that you want answered. Sometimes after your questions are answered you will feel complete, other times other questions will arise transforming the session into a dynamic conversation.

Can you do readings over the phone?

Yes Phone by Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp this is the preferred method for clients as the Audio sessions (Audio by Zoom or Skype) allows for an interactive consultation while feeling comfortable in your space without the visual distractions of videos. The focus and importance is on feeling, therefore closing the eyes and tapping within is recommended.

First we either meet by phone or zoom, I then ask for your permission to open your records. I say the sacred prayer that opens us up for consultation so we can work together and be protected and safe in a sacred space. Then we begin the conversation, I ask you for your questions which I relay to the Lords of Akasha, and they send me the answers back in auditory words but sometimes in forms of Imagerie or senses which I relay back to you to expand on. At this point I act as an intermediary or translator between you and the Lords of Akasha. It's a dynamic conversation, very fun.

What can I expect my Akashic reading to be like?

For the email consultation, you basically send me 3 to 5 questions and I then open the records in my own time separate from you. This will not be a dynamic conversation as you won't be present. This means that you won't be able to ask more questions should any more questions arise from some answers., unless you book another session. I will send you a detailed email report with all the answers as well as any information, insights or details that came through. A lot of clients like to do this type of session at first and then proceed with phone later on.

How does the Akashic e-mail consultation work?

How does the AstroCartography Astrology sessions work?

First I open my own Akashic Records to make sure that I am at my best and highest frequency to serve you. I then open my professional Astrologer software and pull up your Natal Birth Chart as well as your relocated Chart. I then analyze your chart as well as all of the AstroCartography and Paran lines around the globe to determine which locations have better impact on your being and which lines are better to stay away from. During the whole session I share my screen so you can see what I see. I also record the session and send you a copy. It's the same process for the EMAIL REPORT as the LIVE CALLS, the only difference is that during the LIVE CALL you can ask questions, it's more dynamic in that sense. The Video Report I send you the video by email after the session so you can review it as often as you like. We can eventually do a follow-up session as well if needed.

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