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My Story

Follow the Light...


Amidst turbulent times of unrest, a profound spiritual awakening began to stir my soul in late 2011, echoing the ancient whispers of the Mayan prophecy that foretold the transformative shift we would experience on December 21st, 2012. The effects of this massive shift gradually amplified in intensity as we approached that date and unlocked a complete transformation and revolution of my life.

Since that divine moment, my life has been a journey paved with meditation, healing, and the quest for liberation from the intricate web of the matrix.

A fascinating chapter of my journey began in 2012 when I began deep meditation practices and started consulting the sacred Akashic Records. In my pursuit of wisdom, I sat at the feet of remarkable teachers from diverse lineages, each imparting their unique brilliance. Ultimately, it was my deep, intimate connection with the Lords of Akasha that truly illuminated my path.

These benevolent guides have gently steered the course of my life. From helping me choose spiritual havens to nurturing wise decisions in business, profession, relationships, and health, their celestial wisdom has been my guiding star.

With their profound insight, they unveiled the veils of time, offering glimpses into past lives and the tapestry of future destinies. Their patience, akin to the boundless heavens, allowed me to grasp the intricate threads of karmic patterns, granting me the ability to see the grander design of every situation.

With hearts brimming with compassion, they urged me to extend their guidance to humanity, to help souls find their way out of the shadows. Today, as a Certified Consultant, I stand humbly before you, offering the gifts bestowed upon me by the universe.

This isn’t just my story; it’s an invitation into a shared journey. I offer my wisdom, my talents, and my experiences as a humble offering. I welcome you, not as a stranger, nor as a teacher, but as a fellow seeker and as a humble eternal student. Let our conversation begin, and together, let's illuminate the pathways to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

~Xaman Monk~

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