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My Story

...Follow the Spark of Light...
...Follow the 'White Rabbit'... 

…I remember...

…As a young kid of less than 10 years old, looking up to Rock Stars on Television rocking out stadiums, they would make me dream of one day being able to play guitar like them...By age 13, I got my first guitar and by the time I was about 20 years old I had already reached that goal of being able to play guitar and write songs like many of my favorite rock stars. I was in a couple of Rock and Metal bands and by age 25 I had already attended way over 1000's of rock shows and saw all of my favorite rock stars perform live multiple times…

...But then over time I started to see most of those Rock Stars fade out in life, and I also felt my own body and mind was starting to dim as well…there was something wrong…like a flickering glitchy light...

…Around that time after increasingly experiencing repetitive intense anger and anxiety outbursts, I realized that my life wasn’t going as well as I thought it was. I was finally able to acknowledge and recognize that my life was indeed spiralling downwards. I finally started to realize that I was surrounded by darkness...

First I was wallowing in darkness and soon enough I was suffocating in darkness. I was grasping for a breath of fresh air when I saw this... Spark of Light that I had already seen before but had ignored flash around me. It was trying to show me the way... You can follow that ‘Spark of light' or ignore it... But I knew well already where ignoring that spark led to, so I finally followed it…and it showed me the way; the way to inner freedom.

 “My harsh, drastic and sudden rapid transformation provides the emotional ARC of my story as it literally may have saved my life”.

In the midst of 2011, my life was completely turned down side up. As I followed that ‘White Rabbit’, it showed me the way to inner freedom through meditation and spirituality. How to conquer my demons. It showed me that the inner world reflects the outer world, and so that by changing within us we change the outer world. At least our perception of it, which turns out to be a key understanding.

Since that day, I have been consistently meditating on a daily basis. It became part of who I am and I can hardly begin to tell you just how much this practice has altered my life for the better… 

At that time my soul was aching for a deep metamorphosis, a rapid transformation to prepare me for the strong upcoming energetic shift of the famous portal of December 21st 2012 predicted by the Mayans. I was now experiencing frequent sudden glitches, sparks and random bursts of Extrasensory perception or ESP. 

This was obviously somewhat destabilizing at first. I was particularly shocked to realize that I could randomly clearly hear certain people’s thoughts as in Clairaudience! I was literally hearing their thoughts loud and clear... I would literally look at their lips to see if they were moving… and no movement at all, I had to double-check, nada.

Obviously confused, concerned yet curious by this strange phenomena, I embarked on a quest to better understand what was happening to me and I started to intensely research E.S.P day and night. I inevitably found out about the benefits of Meditation for controlling and developing ESP by opening the third eye, but also to nourish the body, mind and the soul which seemed conveniently perfect for me. And since I like to go deep in life, I researched and dedicated myself to Deep Meditation, to further cultivate inner peace, quiet the ego mind, heal and eradicate my shadows. There was something else to life, a whole new world I knew nothing about. How exciting!

With this new found dedication as a Seeker and with much determination to meditate daily and cultivate inner peace and love, true self-love, I literally managed to break free from the chains of the ‘Negative Loop’. You know..., that sad loop that most humans in society today are blindly bound to? ... that holds them back and makes them spiral downwards constantly into lower frequency emotions of sadness, anger, confusion, guilt, shame, anxiety and stress? i.e suffering.

… Today I look up to the mesmerizing Stars in the night sky as they radiate and still continue to glow..., they teach me how to humbly glow my own soul, let go of old programming, focus on what truly matters and follow my own purpose… 

Today with that before mentioned ‘Negative Loop’ programmed into the subconscious minds of the whole population, it is no wonder that our society is in the dark state that it is in when even the leaders of society are bound to that ‘Negative Loop’, it’s really no surprise.  

But that’s why you’re here… you may have seen a Spark of Light or ’White Rabbit’ and you followed it. If you want a modern example of this, in the Matrix they metaphorically refer to it as following the ‘White Rabbit’. Basically, follow the light… it is the way out of the darkness... It’s the way to inner freedom… to an Expanded Consciousness. It seems obvious and simple doesn’t it? Yet it takes this long to grasp… In many cultures they refer to it as the spark of the divine, the spark of Angels or the spark of God… In any case, 

With deep meditation I managed to raise my frequency to uplift my body, mind and soul to a much higher frequency, a different dimension, a different reality... A whole new world opened up to me. A world of Beauty, Hope, Faith, Health, Freedom, Happiness, Peace and Love. A world of positive thinking, positive manifestation and unlimited potential. All within an extraordinary, fascinating, rapid transformation. And rapid it had to be as the clock was ticking until the portal would open! …That understanding was fuel for my determination.

Already being a well rounded self-taught musician and music producer, as well as a practicing martial artist, I knew well that reverence, dedication and determination was the only way to successfully learn and master something new, especially something like meditation that has a dogma of being very difficult by most who try it. And so I instantly dove in deeply and never looked back since…

...I literally became like a Monk in a cave for years… 

During this process I deeply worked on developing my intuition, decalcifying my pineal gland and opening my third eye. 

Working from home, not going out much, staying in my cave, detoxifying my body, mind and soul. Dedicated to releasing all darkness, to fully heal from lower frequency patterns, and to awaken my third eye and E.S.P. I became a vegetarian, stopped watching the news, no television, no video games, no movies, no violence, no horror, no heavy music, no alcohol, no junk-food, no processed food and no sex.

Embracing celibacy, I naturally let go of every toxic person or anyone around me that wasn’t in alignment with my new vision and direction! I wasn’t going to let anyone hold me back anymore, not myself, not my ego, not my friends, not even my family, no exception what so ever!

“Inner work is the ultimate work. The inner world reflects the outer world.”

Submerged in my spiritual books and practices, documentaries, composing new music and creating art. Eating healthy foods for my body, mind and soul. I was finally experiencing what bliss really meant…This was bliss… I never thought it would feel so good to unplug from the “matrix”…to really feel alive!

I could finally breathe and enjoy the fresh air of nature, see and appreciate the clear skies, the stars, the deep green colours on the leaves of trees and plants, my vision was clearer than ever, I could zoom-in and see the little hairs on a bee harvesting nectar from a flower. I could hear my guides. I could speak with trees, with my higher self, with the wind, with spirit…

Life-force, Qi, Prana was running through my whole being. Now I could finally experience life to the fullest in all its splendour, in all its simplicity and all its purity. Like a new-born child seeing the world for the first time.

On my path I studied, practiced and continue to experiment with many different types of Meditations, as well as the energetic healing modalities of Reiki, the energetic cultivation practice of QiGong/NeiGong, the rejuvenating and energizing practices of Pranayama breathing, Kundalini and Kriya Yoga, healing past wounds with Past Life Regressions, healing ancestral karma and generational curses with different  incredibly powerful practices and healing methods of Shamanism, and of course…what holds everything together for me, … the all-encompassing Akashic Records…something that had been coming up for me over and over again, similar to how that spark of light would often show up…that spark speaks to your soul!

Learning to read the Akashic Records allowed me to see, understand and integrate all the previous mentioned practices as different parts of a puzzle and helped me piece them together to form a cohesive overall picture or map. It guided me and helped me find the right teachers. It helped me understand the bigger picture of my current life, my purpose as well as understanding my past lives and recognizing those patterns we carry from past lives. It allowed me to work with my Past, Present and Future. To heal the past but also to understand why and how. To learn how to be present. And to align and manifest the best potential future time-line for my highest good. I would also get warnings for upcoming bumps on the road.

“The Akashic Records contains information of all-that-was, all-that-is, and all-that-might-be as future probabilities. Your personal Akashic Record records your soul’s journey throughout eternity. It is also known as your Book of Life.”

The Akashic Records gave me the clarity, the guidance and the connection that I had been looking for all of my life.

With a natural ability to hear and now see, I found a powerful tool that naturally enabled me to read my own Akashic Records but also to read other people’s Akashic Records, upon request, in order to help them in their journey as well.

After witnessing so many of my fellow students and friends struggling with reading the Akashic Records, with an increasing demand asking me to read their Akashic Records, and receiving such profound feedback, I realized that I had a deep natural connection with the lords of Akasha, and I heard the calling to serve others the same way that I was able to serve and help myself, with their guidance.

During this long spiritual journey, I was called and guided by the Akashic Records to travel with backpacks for a month long journey, with my Soul-Mate now wife, to Mexico, to the pyramids, the sacred sites and land of the Maya where we shared an extraordinary experience meeting a very powerful Mayan Elder Shaman who blessed us with deep wisdom and a vocation while consequently literally being struck by a lightning! …Yes we quickly learned that There is No Limits as to the types of miracles we can experience in Life when we follow the guidance of the Divine.

This extraordinary and unbelievable mystical experience and deeply profound encounter led me on another quest to learn more about Shamanism and experiment with different Sacred Medicinal Plants. I was later further called to continue this quest with my wife to the sacred lands of Peru and experiment even more with Shamanism, Sacred Sites, Crystal Skulls and Sacred Plants before returning said Crystal Skull back to the sacred lands of the Maya a few years later, for completion.

Don’t get me wrong, we also would’ve preferred going to Hawaii or the Bahamas and have fun, but when Spirit calls you, you listen. That is one lesson I learned. When Spirit talks, you listen... You follow your ego or you follow your calling...that's up to you... but there can be repercussions when you don't follow your calling.

 I have been integrating the Akashic Records as a basis for all of my practices, teachings, inquiries, guidance and clarity. 

To be able to hear and understand what your soul truly wants in this life, and not your ego, is beyond what anyone could ever need in life. To learn to discern and listen to your soul, not your ego is vital in this path, just like to be able to discern between a truly good teacher and a half bad one. To align with your higher self is one of the most important mutual purpose each one of us possesses. 

A purpose and vocation that I have now is to help people find their own Purpose and Vocation. To help them align with the Divine. With a deep calling to help others find their way out of the maze, I am dedicated to helping others break free from the shackles of the matrix, to help them find their own way, the same way I was able to find mine.

As an Earth Keeper shaman, I wish this planet and all its beings all the best and I sincerely wish you and all of humanity all the best at mutually saving this planet...

Together we can...

“If you want to save all of the world, then save all of yourself first, because you are of no good walking dead.”

Feel free to reach out to me, sign up for an Akashic Records consultation or check out some of my many Meditations (on AlterTheMatrix), and my Music (at or other instructional Videos online.

I always try to share as openly, authentically, humbly and as honestly I can to help every soul in this planet.

Overcome the darkness today and follow the Light, follow the ‘White Rabbit’. It's for your own good.

Many Blessings,

~Xaman Monk~

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