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My Akashic Records journey

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The Akashic Records, are like an energetic library that holds all the information pertaining to each Soul’s journey throughout space and time. Some refer to it as your Book of Life or the Quantum Field. There is an assembly known as the Lords of Akasha who govern these records, they are the keepers and protectors of the Records and one must pass through them to access the Records.

Most of you know by now that my life has been guided by the Akashic Records for many years now...for all important life decisions I would always consult the Akashic Records as they would guide me for my highest spiritual evolution.

Learning to read the Akashic Records allowed me to see, understand and integrate all of my previously learned practices as different parts of a puzzle or map. It helped me understand the bigger picture of my current life, my life purpose as well as recognize those patterns that we carry from past lives and heal them. The Akashic Records allowed me to align with and manifest the best potential future time-line for my highest good. They also offered me warnings about upcoming bumps on the road.

The Akashic Records gave me the clarity, the guidance and the connection that I had been looking for all of my life.

With a natural ability to hear and see, I found a powerful tool that naturally enabled me to read my own Akashic Records but also to read other people’s Akashic Records, in order to help them in their journey as well.

After witnessing so many of my fellow students and friends struggling with reading the Akashic Records, with an increasing demand asking me to read their Akashic Records, and receiving such profound feedback, I acknowledged that I had a deep natural connection with the lords of Akasha, and I heard the calling to serve others the same way that I was able to serve and help myself, with their guidance.

Today I’m offering Akashic Records consultations as a certified practitioner. In the last 8 years I got to learn from different teachers from 5 different lineages but most of all my greatest teachers are the Lords of Akasha themselves.

In my consultations I often combine Akashic Records with my long time passion Astrology to offer a complete view of the Soul’s Journey and its potential which includes a detailed analysis of the Birth Chart.

If you feel called to have an Akashic Records consultation check out my website or feel free to send me a message.

“The Akashic Records contains information of all-that-was, all-that-is, and all-that-might-be as future probabilities. Your personal Akashic Record records your soul’s journey throughout eternity. It is also known as your Book of Life.”

~Xaman Monk~

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