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Happy New Year! - What will you focus on this time?

Happy New Year dear ones and to all of the World!

This Year has been Extraordinary to say the least!

I have to admit that it makes me feel somewhat guilty to say that this year has been quite an amazing year for me and my beloved...because so many have been suffering.

But that brought upon a reflection… why has this year been so difficult for so many people and yet…so amazing for others of us?

What you focus on, you manifest. We have shifted to a reality of instant manifestation in case you didn’t know.

We are instantly manifesting our reality and if you are not consciously manifesting, you are SubConsciously manifesting.

And what is in your subconscious mind? What do you think?

Let’s explore quickly, have you been watching tons of Fake News?, Negative news?, Fear based movies?, Conspiracy Theories?, Fear based Netflix series? Lost in Video games?

Violence, Horror, Fear, Anger, Depression, Materialism, Disconnection…this is what has been feeding the subconscious mind of the whole world.

You don’t think that billions of people watching Zombie movies or other fear based Netflix shows simultaneously would manifest similar realities into the collective unconscious?

Lockdowns, Isolation, Fear, Vaccines, Virus mutation, Violence, Materialism…This pandemic situation was manifested by the collective consciousness of the whole of Humanity…or should I say the Collective Unconsciousness!

Yet, while millions of people are filling themselves up with negativity and fear and disconnecting themselves further… others have been doing quite the opposite...

Some wonderful people are organizing world wide meditations to bringing awareness, healing and light to the world, to manifest a new world of beauty and peace…and that is what we all desire at the core isn’t it.

It’s 2 different worlds…like a war between the Light and the Dark, think about it. And that is the perception of those 2 different worlds. Which one do you prefer? Which one have you been picking?

This year, make the right choices and help the Team of the Light, let go of the Dark side…it has caused enough damage to the world already…it's old news. Time for the new...

The Universe has forced Humanity to its knees and to look within themselves. Isolate, no more distractions! Look within, face yourselves, face your shadows.

Dig deep within your soul and if you can’t, reach out for help! Politicians won’t help you, they don’t have a clue what the hell is really going on either.

The cosmos and the Universe are the most powerful forces that exist and even our ancestors have been warning us of these times of great change and upheaval for way more than just decades!

The Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs and so many prophets, astrologers and spiritual teachers around the world have been predicting this.

Drunvalo Melchizedek was particularly very vocal and informative about these changes that are directly linked to Dec 21st 2012 for over a decade now.

Teaching us that we must learn to live from the HEART. If we do not live from the heart we will manifest negative upheaval. This truth is quite serious, real and dangerous.

Those of us who listened have been preparing for many years now and are gliding with these changes.

Know that there are plenty more changes and challenges coming our way and it’s not too late to dive and glide!

I hope that humanity will wake up from its ignorance and wake up to its true potential.

We can make this world a paradise... These are perfect times to use the inevitable upcoming changes and turn it for the better rather than the worst.

I wish that Love, Self-Awareness, Compassion, Spirituality, Meditation, Nature and Wellness will rule the Consciousness of Humanity this year and beyond!

It is a new Era, paradise or hell, love or suffering, you choose which one you want to experience with your own choices.

We are all 100% responsible for our realities and what we experience and what we manifest.

No more blaming, no more victimhood... this year...let’s just own it.

Blessings dear ones, we can do this!


-Xaman Monk-

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