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...what is your true purpose in this world?

How can you best serve humanity?

How can you make a real difference?  What is holding you back?

How can you get your health and vitality back?

Let’s explore these topics…​


The Akashic Records

The Lords of Akasha

The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word that means “Primary Substance” or “Ether”, one of the five elements from which the Universe is made of. The Akashic Records, are like an energetic library that holds all the information pertaining to each Soul’s journey throughout space and time. Some refer to it as your Book of Life or the Quantum Field. There is an assembly known as the Lords of Akasha who govern these records, they are the keepers and protectors of the Records and one must pass through them to access the Records.

Throughout time there has been different famous people who accessed the Records. Edgar Cayce, known as the Sleeping Prophet, was a well-known mystic who accessed the Records while in trance. Nostradamus, Nicola Tesla, Blavatsky are but a few famous names said to have used the Records for knowledge...

Working in and with the Akashic Records requires an acceptance and an understanding of the concept of reincarnation. You must understand that from the perspective of the Records, all souls are eternal. The Akashic Records hold every thought that has ever been thought, every feeling, action and deed from each lifetime!

The idea of the human experience is to become in the physical the embodiment of the self-realized higher self that already exists in the Akasha at the soul level. Growing into the awareness of one’s spiritual nature and being able to anchor that awareness in the physical, and become aligned with that higher self on the earth plane, takes time. For most, it takes many lifetimes. In essence, we are a projection of the perfect blueprint of the soul (or Higher-Self).

In the Records, we’re able to see and register all of our incarnations. The Akashic Records are both, the perfect soul-level blueprint and the catalogue of experiences of an individual soul as it grows into awareness of itself, manifesting in the physical earth. One can therefore use the Records to meticulously study and understand certain patterns in a current life that repeats itself lifetime after lifetime as one fails to understand the lessons. These lessons could be related to a number of different topics that are resurfacing in a current life such as particular fears, addictions, abuse, trauma, pain or a number of other different karmic patterns.

By understanding the source of these ailments we can release them as the lessons are finally understood. We can forgive who and what needs to be forgiven. An Akashic Records consultation can help you deal with certain issues while releasing them with awareness, understanding and by elevating your consciousness to a new level. This creates space for new growth spiritually but also growth in your overall self development with self-awareness, self-esteem and self-worth. It helps you understand the different dynamics with your various relationships, longings and life-purpose. Working that unsatisfying or stressful 9-5 job and then releasing the tension by binge-watching Netflix every evening isn’t the purpose of your Soul... Then what is your true purpose in this world? How can you best serve humanity? How can you make a real difference? What is holding you back? How can you get your health and vitality back? Let’s explore these topics…

My Story

It's a Vocation


I am Xaman Monk, as the name suggests in Mayan, Xaman pronounced Shaman... I'm a Shaman and a Monk... a certified Akashic Records Consultant, a certified Kriya Yoga Teacher, Energy Healing practitioner, Earth Keeper and a modern Astrologer... I'm also a Musician and a Producer for which I share the same artist name as well... Xaman Monk.

After a deep spiritual awakening in 2011 leading up to the famous mayan prophecy of the December 21st 2012 shift, I have dedicated my whole life to spiritual awakening and enlightenment through deep meditation, healing and the liberation from the shackles of the matrix. 

I've been consulting the Akashic Records since 2012. I learned from many different great teachers from up to 5 different lineages, but most and foremost, I learned from the Lords of Akasha themselves by developing a deep intimate relationship with them.

The lords of Akasha have been guiding my life from choosing the best traveling destinations for my highest spiritual development to making wise business decisions, professional decisions, relationship decisions, optimal health decisions etc..

They have shown me glimpses from past lives. They have shown me glimpses into future time-lines. They have enabled me the opportunity to find the best teachers for particular topics at particular times. They helped me understand and heal certain past life karmic patterns and see the bigger picture of any given situation...they have the outmost divine patience and are always willing to offer guidance.

They have eagerly asked me to step out and to offer this service to others to help humanity find its way out of the darkness. Today I’m offering Akashic Records Consultations as a Certified Consultant. 

And so here I am, sharing my story, my talents and my gifts with you.

Don't be a stranger, let's talk.

~Xaman Monk~


Client Testimonials

Thank you so much. This is so helpful!! And the session brought me so much peace, and for that I am truly grateful 🙏

Massive love. 

Maria R.